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Kindly go through the rules and guidelines of the contest below: 

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Rules and Guidelines for the Raffle:

For our upcoming Community Special October Edition’22.
We invite you all to purchase Air Jordans at Marathon Stores.

Marathon Store,Tonk Road, Jaipur
Marathon Store,Opp. GT, Jaipur
Marathon Store,Sindhu Nagar, Bhilwara
Marathon Store, Sadar Bazar, Agra


  • - Entry is for the opportunity to purchase the launch product.
    - The entrant’s First Name and Last Name provided at registration must match the Valid Government Issued Photo-ID presented at collection. (Copies, certified copies, digital copies or expired documents will NOT be accepted)
    -- Validation and verification of the ID presented is solely at the discretion of Marathon Sports India.
    - A valid email address, valid address, contact phone number, & preferred size are required.
    - Only One entry per person per launch product is allowed. Any duplicate entries will be voided and cause initial and future entries to be deleted.
    - A maximum of 2 unique person entries per household address permitted.
    - Marathon Sports India is not responsible for lost, unread or unreceived emails. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check SPAM/JUNK mail settings and folders and PRIVACY/SECURITY settings.
    - Please note: if you have previously unsubscribed or blocked an email from us, this will prevent you from receiving emails. Please ensure you do not unsubscribe from our emails, raffles or mailing campaigns in order to remain as an active subscriber to future raffles.
    - All Registration details cannot be amended once submitted.
    - Raffle launch products will only be available to pick up & pay in store.- The entry and purchase of the launch product is only valid for the registered entrant’s details.
    - The Winning entrants ability to purchase the launch product is subject to stock.
    - Entries are non-transferrable.
    - Unsuccessful entrants will not be notified.

    - Winners will be able to purchase the product on first come first serve basis.
    - Will either be invoiced to purchase the specific launch product detailed at entry submission, or asked to be present at the pick up location and make payment at that specific location.Winning entries:
    - Not redeemed within specified location, date and time for payment & collection method will be deemed forfeited.
    - Not redeemed within specified location, date and time for payment & collection method run the risk of having future entries result in disqualification.
    - Cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise provided to anyone else. Evidence of such behaviour by any entrant will result in disqualification. Evidence of multiple entries by any entrant will also result in disqualification.
    - Cannot be altered or have pick up method changed.
    - Have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash or for credit towards any purchase.
    - The draw entry process is subject to change at any time at USG Store’s discretion.

    - Winning entrants must be physically present at mentioned Marathon’s Store, within the set date and times and present with Valid Government Issued Photo-ID matching the winning entrants First Name and Last Name.
    - Shipping is not available.
    - The winners CANNOT sell, transfer or assign their entry to anyone else.
    - All launch product is subject to availability. USG Store is under no obligation to supply an alternative product.
    - Failure to fully comply will result in the winner forfeiting their entry.

    Marathon Sports India holds the right to:
    - Disqualify any entrant who they deem to be reselling, violating conditions or abusing the raffle system. These entrants will also be disqualified from future raffles.
    - Change, alter or withdraw the raffle at any time if circumstances make this necessary.
    - Select another winner from the valid entry pool in place of any forfeited winning entries.
    - Hold any launch product until a verification or ID check is complete if requested by staff.MSI accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by you as a result of entering the raffle or accepting the opportunity to purchase the launch product.

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